The Kirton BrassĀ Band was founded in 1870 and has remained in existence throughout this period. The band has enjoyed notable contest successes in the past but, for some time has concentrated on concert performances in the Lincolnshire area.
    The Kirton brass band 1870 to today.
    Henry Woodward with his Nephews & some other local lads had been playing together on some old brass instruments in the garden shed at Henrys home in Station road (Kirton) when Henry Suggested they should form a band. The year was 1870 & the Lighton brothers, helped by John Langley & Henry Formed Kirton brass band. With no electricity at this time there was plenty of demand for band music, particularly at fetes & similar occasions, in 1900 Henry Woodward moved to a house in Sutterton road & had a band practice room built above his coach house.
    Many German bands toured the country between 1900 and the First world war which created a great interest in band music. At the same time many hundreds of new bands were formed in Britain, with collieries & cotton mills supporting their own bands: Langleys the local firm, gave great support to the band in Kirton & would employ anyone who was a good musician. after John Langley`s death, Alf Langley became band master.
    Between the wars membership dropped & Mr Hugh Patchett, who became Bandmaster in 1936, Commenced learner classes for young boys. such classes have been a important part of the band world ever since. Mr Patchett`s along with those more recently of the late Eric Pearson, Don Flatters, Allan Morris, David Gaylor, David Deamley & Baz Starbuck have been of great benefit. the band is always looking for new recruits - boys & girls!!
    Six members have left the band & joined army bands, while one member went on to play with the national youth brass band. After Henry`s death the band moved to a small building near the church, until 1962 when a purpose-built band room was constructed behind the Stag & Pheasant, in 1999 the band moved to the Middlecott school, A few years ago the band moved to the Methodist church school room.
    Some of the notable engagements during the bands long service to Kirton have included the playing of the national anthem at the top of the church tower on the occasion of Queen Victoria`s diamond jubilee, & staging a light parade for King George V`s silver jubilee, other torch light parades were held to mark the relief of makingĀ  during the Boer war & the present Queens Coronation.
    Between 1960 & 1970 the band contested under Jack Mather. It gained a first place at the area contest in Leicester & also in the City of Oxford contest. The band reach the finals in London twice & in addition gained prizes at Cleethorpes & Nottingham. There has always been family connection in the band, often spanning many years, notable examples have been the Patchett, the Marshalls, the Langleys & the Martins. The latter still having a member in the band today. the band is now under the guidance of Tony Garrill.
    Players not only come from Kirton but travel from Skegness, Sleaford and the Spalding area to weekly rehearsals and engagements. The band has been grateful for the help and encouragement it receives from the people of Kirton and hope all will enjoy all of the performances we perform.