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    Kirton Training Brass Band
    Methodist Church Hall, Kirton


    The FREE 'Learn to Play' week has been arranged during the school holidays and the Band hope that school children will be interested. Details have been sent to all local schools.  The week is not limited to children and people of all ages are welcome to come along.

    If you have ever thought about learning to play a brass instrument, or if you have played in the past and would like to try again, this is the perfect opportunity. The band's experts will be on hand to show you how to play a wide range of brass instruments - cornet, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium, trombone and tuba.
    The Band will be able to teach you how to play an instrument and how to read music. You can return as often as you like during the week but will get the most benefit from coming every day.

    The Band can offer longer term training through its Training Band on a Thursday evening. Private lessons can also be arranged by special arrangement. 
    The Senior Band is always pleased to welcome existing players to their rehearsals on Thursday evenings.
    For further information contact the Training Band's Musical Director, Mel Hopkin on 01775 712420. Email him at mel@mhopkin.co.uk or visit the band’s website www.kirtonband.co.uk



    We encourage people of all ages (from 6 upwards) to come to our bandroom every morning in the week when we teach them the basics of playing a brass band instrument. This is from 10.00am until 12.00noon from Monday to Friday. And it’s FREE!

    Subject to availability, the instruments will be:

    Over the week there will be a series of lessons on playing instruments; cleaning and maintaining them; reading music; playing rhythms; conducting.
    Monday - get used to producing notes on two or three different instruments.
    Tuesday - Learn the first few notes of the scale and learn to play rhythms in unison
    Wednesday - Learn to play simple tunes in unison
    Thursday - Learn the C major scale and continue practicing simple tunes in unison
    Friday - Continue to play simple tunes in unison and introduce ensemble playing

    The Training Band meets every Thursday night from 6.30 to 7.30pm at the Methodist Church Hall in London Road, Kirton.

    The Training Band is lead by Mr Mel Hopkin who has many years experience of teaching people of all ages to play brass instruments.

    Membership of Kirton Training Brass Band is open to people of all ages, but is particularly aimed at those aged from 8 to 18. 
    For those wishing to study for music grades, we offer individual lessons in addition to the band practices. There will be an extra cost of £5 per half-hour for these sessions. If you are interested please speak to Mel.
    If you want any more information about Kirton Training Brass Band please email mel@kirtonband.co.uk